The Autumn Home Edit

The evenings are getting darker, and we're preparing to settle in for a season of cosy nights at home with our slippers on, and, actually, we can't wait! Autumn is about nesting, turning our homes into the warm havens we all want to return to after a chilly day out and about. From lighting to fragrance to textiles and house dressing, there are small changes you can make that will transform your space without the need for a complete overhaul—here's how in four simple steps.

Experiment with Lighting

Ceiling lights are often quite harsh, and realistically they're far brighter than what we actually need. Introducing lamps in place of the spotlights is one of the easiest ways to transform a space, and the soft, warm glow they provide is endlessly more inviting for cosying on the sofa. Try a dimmable light like the Ray Table Lamp by Menu for optimised customisation. The energy-saving LED bulb emits a muted glow, adjustable to three brightness levels, perfect for customising your mood. Another alternative is the Soft Spot LED by Rosendahl. This pocket-sized orb gives you all the intimacy of a candle with its subtle wavering glow and seamless luminosity.

Introduce Textures

You can't get cosy without considering textiles. Say goodbye to the light cotton of summer and swap out for heavier weights and softer fabrics. The Ella Sheepskin Hide is a great seasonal upgrade for your home. Place it at the foot of an armchair to warm your toes, or try draping it over a dining room chair for an effortless Scandi feel. Use this as an opportunity to add more seasonal tones into the space without the commitment of repainting. The Hay Soft Dot Cushion is timeless, but the luxurious velvet texture and rich colour make it a staple for your sofa.

Set the Scene with Fragrance

Candles are a great way to create an ambience with their flickering flame and soothing fragrances. It's up to the personal preference of what kind of feeling you want the scent to evoke, but slightly muskier woody scents are a popular choice as it gets colder. Grove by Evermore is our top pick for the season. With notes of pine needle, cedarwood and moss, it's reminiscent of the forest, dampened by the first rainfall after a warm summer. A less obvious choice, the Breakfast Leipzig candle from DS&Durga boasts a blend of coffee, tobacco and leather, a perfectly warm but slightly sweeter option.

Adorn your Walls

Dressing your home with posters and art prints is perhaps one of the less assuming ways to update your space. Invest in some good quality frames, and dedicate a bit of time to perfecting the placement, and you can swap out the artwork throughout the year with minimal effort. Designs like Sienna and Silhouette of a Vase 07 from The Poster Club add interest and warmth without demanding too much attention. Whether creating a gallery wall or opting for a more minimalist layout, consider the balance of your composition. Try using a floating frame that's a size larger than your print to give the artwork space to breathe and avoid looking cluttered. Being cosy doesn't have to be claustrophobic.